[VIDEO] Indianapolis State Fair Stage Collapse

This video of the Indianapolis state fair stage collapse says it all.  It is gut wrenching to watch, but at the same time, amazing that more people weren’t killed.  Four people were killed and many more injured.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, just as the concert for country music group Sugarland was getting set to take the stage, part of the outdoor stage collapsed due to windy weather. At least forty people were injured, with the youngest being on seven years old, and four people killed. Some of the injured were in critical condition.

The accident happened just before nine o’clock in the evening when strong winds caused the stage to collapse. Equipment and the rigging that held the lights toppled onto the fans. Most injured were in the section closest to the stage called the VIP section.

When this happened many of the people at the concert rushed to help with the injured and lifting the scaffolding off them. They also provided what medical care that they could. In the tunnel below the grandstand, that can seat approximately fifteen thousand people, emergency crews set up a triage center to treat the wounded.

Many of the wounded concert goers had broken bones, neck and head injuries. One hospital reported that of the sixteen wounded at their hospital none of them had life threatening injuries.

It had been announced just before the accident that severe weather was possible and the concert goers were told what do if they had to evacuate but that they hoped the concert would go on as planned so many of them stayed where they were. The accident happened within minutes of the announcement.

According to reports a dust bowl of rain, dirt, and dust came up through the main thoroughfare from the Midway, there was lightening, the sky got dark but it was not actually raining at the concert, the stage scaffolding wobbled, and then fell.