Indianapolis State Fair To Honor Those Killed In Stage Collapse

On Sunday the Indianapolis State Fair was closed but is reopening today, Monday August 15th to honor those that were killed in that freak windstorm on Saturday. At this time there have been five people killed. One, a stage hand who was working on top of the scaffolding, died in the hospital and the other four were killed instantly. There will be a memorial service held at the fairgrounds this morning with the fair opening afterwards.

The winds that toppled the stage scaffolding were gusting between sixty and seventy miles an hour. They are saying that the wind was a “fluke” and that there was nothing that could have been done to prevent it from happening. It was just an unthinkable tragedy. It was just a gust of wind that was way stronger than any other wind gusts in other areas of the fairgrounds.

On Sunday when the scene was surveyed they say that a tent near the grandstand was not touched nor was an aluminum trailer which was about fifty yards across from the grandstand. On the midway, the Ferris Wheel also escaped damage. The only damage was the grandstand area where the scaffolding was toppled. With no other apparent damage anywhere else on the fairgrounds they believe that it was just an isolated significant gust of wind that caused this tragedy.

This accident Saturday was the worse accident to happen at that Indiana State fairgrounds since 1963. This is when seventy four people who were attending an ice skating show were killed when there was an explosion at the coliseum.