Capybara, A Giant South American Rodent, Spotted in California

A Capybara is a giant South American rodent that can weight at least a hundred pounds has been seen in California at a waste-water treatment plant but unfortunately before it could be captured it disappeared into the brush. This is the world’s largest rodent but is not carnivorous. This rodent is a vegetarian and if you are one of those people who think that a big guinea pig is cute then you might like to have one of these rodents.

This rodent was last seen about two weeks ago at the waste-water plant and they figure that it is someone’s pet that got loose. It was spotted in a region about one hundred seventy five miles northwest of Los Angles in a wine growing region. A picture taken by the employee as the Capybara crawled out of a pond showed that the rodent stood about two feet tall.

According to the San Francisco Zoo website this rodent’s habitat ranges from northeast Argentina east of the Andes Mountains to Panama. The animal spends much of its life, which is about four years, near the water and can hold its breath under water for about five minutes. This latest sighting of the rodent is about two years after another sighting of a Capybara.

The authorities believe that both sightings were of the same animal as there are no others in the same area. This rodent cannot be held as a pet without having to obtain a special permit. It is normally zoos or people who exhibit wild animals and know how to take care of them that get these special permits. It is illegal to have one as a pet without this permit although there are some people who do.