Granny Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Immigrants

Yes, it is true, an eighty four year old woman has been arrested for immigrant smuggling but this is not her first offense. She was first indicted in 1982 but fled to Mexico. This feisty senior citizen headed a group that was mostly female which helped lead illegal immigrants from Tijuana to San Diego. She claims that they were helping up to eighty people a month.

She and her daughter have both pled guilty to the charges of smuggling illegal immigrants to the United States. According to her affidavit, the immigrants met at her Tijuana’s Suites Royal Hotel, given documents to memorize, and then taken to a beauty salon to make them look more like the photos on the documents they had been given. A guide then took them to the San Ysidro border crossing where they got on commercial buses to the Los Angeles area. The price was approximately three thousand five hundred dollars a person.

During peak times they were helping between sixty and eighty immigrants a month and when it was slow it was between forty and sixty a month, which averaged around two hundred eighty thousand dollars a month during the peak season.

She, along with ten others, including several guides was charged in April with immigrant smuggling. Her daughter managed the hotel in Tijuana. The eighty four year old has plead guilty to conspiracy to bring in illegal immigrants for financial gain in federal court and under an agreement they are not going to ask for more than thirty seven months in prison. Her daughter pled guilty to the same charge but is facing at least five years in prison. She can ask for less time if certain conditions are met, but those conditions have not been made public.