Deportation of Criminal Illegal Immigrants Top Priority for United States

The United States has decided that many of the illegal immigrants who have no criminal record and are facing deportation will be allowed to stay in the country and apply for a work permit. This is due to new rules from the Homeland Security Department. The Homeland Security Secretary has announced that they will focus first on deporting illegal immigrants who pose a threat to public safety or national security or are criminals first. The Republicans are not happy about the policy changes but the Democrats have greeted the changes with approval.

With this change there will be approximately three hundred thousand pending deportation cases that are in immigration court now which will be reviewed case by case. The decision to change the rules came about because of protests from immigrant communities that the administration is too focused on deporting people just because they are in this country with the proper paperwork or just been arrested from misdemeanors.

The ICE director also suggested that agents should consider just how long someone has been in the United States plus whether the individual has a criminal record and if their immediate family members are citizens of the United States.

The policy change does not give the illegal immigrants a path to a permanent residency. It just allows them to stay and apply for a work permit. If they are arrested or have any other circumstances that change, the government can reopen deportation cases or file a new one.