Mother Pushes Seven Month Old Baby From Hospital Parking Structure

An innocent seven month old baby boy was pushed from the fourth story of a hospital parking structure in Southern California by his mother on Monday. He died on Wednesday, the same day that his mother made an initial court appearance. She is being charged with assault on a child that is likely to cause great bodily injury or death and murder. She is being held on a one million dollar bond. She is also subject to a no-bail U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement hold because she is in the country illegally. Her arraignment has been set for September 16th.

She is married and has two other children. Her husband defends his wife by telling everyone that his wife was suffering from postpartum depression and that he does not blame her for what she did. The baby is disabled and wore a helmet.

The prosecutors allege that she took the helmet off her son before she tossed him from the hospital parking structure. After she did that, she went back into the hospital to get her parking ticket validated and then drove away. It will be up to the jury to decide if she had the facilities to inform the intent to kill.

At this time she is being held in the medical ward and is being kept in a cell by herself. To make sure that she cannot injure herself she is wearing a protective gown. She is also receiving a psychological evaluation.