Soft Blankets, Pillow Is Dangerous To Babies

Contrary to what most people think, putting babies on soft blankets and pillows will do more harm than good. A recent medical study has shown that putting babies on soft bedding such as pillows and blankets to sleep could lead to infant death if they are left unattended. Dr. Rachel Moon explained soft beddings are not actually safe for babies but rather dangerous for them since it offers suffocation risks to them.

“But when it comes to babies’ sleep environment, soft is not safe, it’s actually dangerous,”Moon, one of the authors of the new study from Children’s National Medical Center said. Moon revealed while some of the accidental suffocation incident s are related to genetics, majority of these cases are caused by parents who put their babies in risky sleeping places and position.

Dr. Fern Hauck for her part said instead of putting children in soft beddings it would be best to place them on other kinds of beddings since regardles of the mattress they will use these angels will still sleep anywhere. “If you get them used to a firm crib mattress, they’re going to sleep fine on a firm,” Hauck said. Hauck and Moon hoped the result of their studies will encourage parents to allow their babies to sleep in firm crib mattress instead of the soft pillows and blankets.