Texas Governor Rick Perry Leads In 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Race

If the latest presidential survey will be used as basis there is a big possibility that Texas governor Rick Perry could end up as the presidential candidate for the Republican party in the 2012 presidential derby.  In the latest presidential survey by the highly respected Gallup poll Rick Perry has a 12-point lead over close pursuer former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Based on the survey, Perry got the nod of 29 percent of those surveyed by Gallup. Romney who topped the previous Gallup survey slipped to only 17 percent in the survey result. It was learned the latest poll has a margin error of four percent. The strong surge of Perry could be attributed to the fact that the latest survey was done in Iowa, Perry’s stronghold with its many conservative voters. On the same survey, 33 percent of the conservative surveyed said they will vote for Perry while only 16 percent said they will give their support to Romney.

Perry is considered as one of the longest serving United States governor, having served his state for 10 years, 248 days. Internet data has shown tha t Perry served as Texas governor in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Last August 13 in South Carolina, Perry revealed that he will be gunning for the Republican nomination for President of US in the 2012 presidential elections.