The Next Wonder Fruit: Siberian Berry, Oblepikha, aka Sea Buckthorn

As the Acai craze continues, albeit at a more moderate pace, and the Goji berry goes the way of the dodo bird, American marketers are now salivating at the prospects of the next big miracle wonder Super Fruit, the badly named Siberian sourced Oblepikha, or Sea Buckthorn in english.

You may remember the goji, a red Himalayan berry that promised the usual health benefits catering to the health nuts out there that will buy anything.  Then came acai, the exotic Amazon purple berry from deep within the massive South American jungle.  Acai is/was said to remedy the gamut of human ailments from hangnails, to obesity, and every other problem in between.

Well, you had to know, as sales of these past “super frutis” began to fade,  that marketers were scouring the globe for the next big Acai like super fruit.  Well, you can exhale a big sigh of relief, and open your wallet wide, as marketers have finally found the new, exotic, Siberian Oblepikha, also known by the rather awkward english name: Sea Buckthorn.  Clearly the marketing guru’s haven’t spent enough time coming up with a more exotic english name yet.

The poorly named Sea Buchkthorn, aka Oblepikha is a bright orange Siberian berry that is already well known to the Russian people.  Russian old timers have long considered the berry to have a wid variety of benefits to the health of humans.  But, they are no match to the mind of the American marketer!   Now, if you can believe one website, Dr. Oz is even recommending it!

This site says that Sea Buckthorn oil can be used as a mouth ulcer remedy, a tooth and gum health remedy, and of course, for weight loss.   Several websites (thousands more to come, no doubt) oblepikha juice, oil, and pills can reduce weight, ease constipation, soothe acne, rejuvenate skin, and so much more!  One website even goes as far to claim that this super fruit “goes to space as a special food, keeping astronauts well adapted to a complex and hectic space environment.”  Nice touch.

As is usually the case, the badly named Sea Buckthorn, or Oblepikha (say that 3 times fast) health benefit claims, have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Nor are they ever likely to evaluate the claims.

Amika, a New York based hair products/accessories company with a creative director from the Ukraine, has actually started using the fruit in cosmetics which isn’t a bad idea as the sea buckthorn oil has been used in hair and skin in the far east for a long time.   Amika makes masks, serums and sprays using the oil from the berry.  At least this is something that has some benefit to humans, and New Yorker’s lover their skin products.

We can’t wait to see this one go mainstream.