Train Accident Injures 32 In Jesenice, Slovenia

Thirty two persons were reported injured when two trains collided in northwestern Slovenia. Slovenian authorities revealed nine of the victims are in serious condition after suffering numerous injuries from the train accident.

Transport Minister Patrick Vlacic revealed a cargo train and a passenger train collided Friday at the railway station in the town of Jesenice. Vlacic said a thorough investigation on the incident is now underway to determine what caused the deadly collision.

Based on the data from the internet, Jesenice is a town and a municipality in Slovenia, on the Slovene side of the Karavanke mountain range, bordering Austria to the north.The town is famous for a large steel company. The town name derives from the ash tree (Slovene: jêsen), which once grew in abundance locally.

The history of Jesenice is tightly knit with that of its ironwor ks and metallurgy industries, which have until recently been the driving force of the town’s development in practically all areas.