Forest Fire Near Yosemite National Park

Since last week firefighters have been battling a forest fire neat Yosemite National Park. The firefighters have managed to encircle approximately a third of the blaze but there is a main road into the park that still remains cut off as of Monday. This forest fire was apparently ignited last Thursday because of an explosion in a motor home. So far this forest fire has torched four thousand seven hundred fifty-five acres. It has also forced the closure of Route 140, which is west of the park.

Along the Merced River in the Stanislaus and Sierra National Forests several campgrounds have been shut down. They have also shut down the privately owned Cedar Lodge resort on Highway 140. Inside the park the Bridalveil Creek Campground was closed to the public so the firefighters could use it as a staging area. On Saturday they evacuated the nearby village of Rancheria and there may be a possible evacuation of the residents of El Portal.

There have been no injuries to any of the more than eight hundred firefighters who are battling the blaze nor have any structures been burned. They are using airplanes, helicopters, and engines to help douse the blaze and the firefighters have saved two commercial buildings, seventy residences, and thirty-five outbuildings.

Although there is a forest fire for the most part Yosemite National Park remains open and its spectacular vistas are not clouded by smoke. Park officials are not sure just how far the fire would reach before they will be able to fully contain it.