Long Prison Sentence for Stupid Robbery

A teenager who is fifteen years old is going to be locked up for the next 2 to 6 years for the robbery of a man in which he only got seven cents from the victim. That is right. He only got only seven cents and he may be in prison until he is twenty one years old if he gets the full six years. The judge’s reasoning as to why he decided to throw the book at this fifteen year old teenager is because he would not plead guilty to robbing the seventy-three year old man last December.

The teenager and his partner in crime who was another teenager that was sixteen years old at the time are being charged with jumping and robbing the man. Both of the boys had BB guns but they looked like real pistols. They knocked the elderly man down, broke his glasses and robbed him of seven cents, which was all the money the man had on him.

In July the sixteen year old teenager pleaded guilty to the charges. He received a sentence of 1 to 4 years in the state prison but the other fifteen year old teenager decided to fight the charges even thought the victim fingered both of the teenagers as the robbers. He was found guilty of first-degree robbery by a jury. This fifteen year old teenager will serve his time in a juvenile detention center.