Maggie Goes On A Diet Book Causes Uproar

A new kids rhyming picture book called Maggie Goes On A Diet is causing quite an uproar, and it’s not even published yet.  Maggie Goes on  a Diet is picture book about an unhappy 14 year old girl who, you guessed it, is obese.  The book is not published but is available for pre-order at

The uproar is happening on the Amazon discussion forum for Maggie Goes On A Diet, and one can only assume the people most upset were either fat when they were kids (and one would assume, still grossly obese now, as an adult) and/or they have fat kids themselves.

The ranters object to pretty much everything, from the title “Maggie Goes on a Diet.  Really not sure why they would be upset about the word diet, or the statement that someone named Maggie is going on a diet.  Discussions of diets and dieting are staple of every newscast these days.  They oppose the description of a bullied fat girl who, through exercise and hardwork, actually tuns into a confident soccer star.  They oppose the cover art showing Maggie holding up a dress staring at her imaginary skinny self in the mirror.

And they REALLY hate the inside page which shows poor fat Maggie bent over in front of the fridge chowing down in a binge with food in both hands.

The outraged parents of fat kids who are commenting on the forum for the book have gone so far as to create a savemaggie hashtag on twitter, a Say No to Maggie Goes on a Diet Facebook fan page, and are demanding Amazon and Barnes & Noble (are they even in business)  pull the book from their sites.  What’s next for these fat kid parents?  A good old fashioned book burning??

The books author, Paul Kramer, from Hawaii, doesn’t disclose how many orders he has for Maggie Goes On A Diet, but says even with all the negative attention, he does have his supporters.  In fact, we here at CE have no doubt that all this negative publicity is creating a nice sales boost for the book.

As one twitter supporter pointed out “with the obesity problem in America (one third are obese?)  a book teaching children to exercise and eat right is not IMMORAL.  And like us he also bets that the specific detractor is fat.  Yep..more than likely.

Kramer has even been on Good Morning America to defend the yet unpublished book and doesn’t regret using the word “diet” for a children’s book.  Kramer points out that Maggie went on a diet because she loves sports and wanted to run faster, be more flexible and play better soccer, not because she had any self image issues around her obesity.  Sounds like a good moral to the story to us.