Big Pot Haul: 9,000 Marijuana Plants Spared by New Mexico Wildfire

The New Mexico Las Conchas fire this summer that caused untold damage, was a threat to one of the nuclear facilities in the nation, made bears go into nearby cities in search of food, and scorched tribal lands spared more than nine thousand marijuana plants. These plants were in a found in Bandelier National Monument Park in a remote area.

At this time there have been no arrests in this sophisticated operation but officials are looking for two suspects. The marijuana plants were approximately six to ten feet tall with value on the street of at least ten million dollars. When the park official found this operation they were surprised at just how sophisticated it was and that it was larger than they had anticipated.

The operation had an evacuation route for the people that were watching over the pot plant farm and it also had an irrigation system. They even found trash, food caches, and temporary housing nearby. It was discovered on August 23rd in rough terrain when a flash flood was being surveyed by a helicopter flight.

The marijuana pot plant was raided on Thursday but there was no one around although they saw two men at the site earlier in the week. The marijuana plants were airlifted out of the site by a Blackhawk helicopter from the National Guard and taken to an location not disclosed to be disposed of properly. Some of it was kept for testing to be used as evidence. In the Bandelier National Monument Park, this marijuana operation was a first for the area.