FAIL: Don’t Wear A Gumby Costume When Committing a Robbery

It used to be that when you decided to commit a robbery that you wore a ski mask but in the twenty-first century a man decided that wearing a ski mask was no longer cool and decided to wear something else when he tried to rob a store in San Diego, California. Two men walked into a 7-Eleven convenience store on Monday with the intent to rob the clerk. One of the men was dressed in a full size Gumby costume while his accomplice was dressed normally.

The man in the Gumby costume, which is the green claymation figure from cartoons back in the 1950’s who had a horse named Pokey, walked into the store and told the clerk that he was robbing the store but the clerk thought it was a joke. The man in the costume told the clerk that it was not a joke and said he was going to show the clerk his gun.

When the man in the costume tried to reach into his costume he found that he could not get his hand in the pocket with the gun and instead of pulling out a gun he pulled out change that was in his pocket and dropped it on the floor. By this time the accomplice had already left the store and got back into their mini van and began to honk at the man dressed in the Gumby costume. He left without any money and got in the van and they drove off.

The clerk still was not sure it was a robbery so he did not call the police but later the store manager did after he got to the store and heard what had happened. When they checked the surveillance film the police decided to treat it as an attempted robbery and not as a prank.