220 Killed, 600 rescued In Tanzania Sea Tragedy

Some 220 people were reported killed and 600 others safely rescued when a crowded passenger ferry sank off the coast of Tanzania early morning of Saturday. According to reports, M.V. Spice Islanders sank near the tourist destination of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Mohammed Aboud Mohammed, the minister for state in the vice president’s office on the island of Zanzibar said the government are still continuing their search and rescue operation on th e other missing passengers of boat.

In the initial maritime investigation, overloading is one of the reasons eyed in the sinking of the ship. Maritime investigators said the ferry left Dar Es Salaam loaded with building materials, mattresses and passengers. It stopped at the island of Zanzibar and then continued on to Pemba, a top diving destination.
But it began to list in the early hours of Saturday, and eventually sank in an area of deep sea and strong currents.

Data gathered from investigators revealed that most survivors drifted ashore clinging to foam mattresses or wooden planks from the ferry. Some were plucked from the water by a flotilla of pleasure craft, wooden fishing dhows and yachts which set off from the beach Saturday to search for survivors.
Officials feared that the death toll in the sea tragedy would further increase. Mohammed said the government will do its best to bring the ship officials to justice for this sea tragedy.