Deadly Virus Kills Almost 100 Kids in Vietnam

The World Health Organization revealed a deadly virus killed 98 children and caused the sickness of 42,000 others in Vietnam for 2011. The WHO said the disease is a  hand, food and mouth sickness which had been hitting many people in Vietnam most of whom children. Based on the data they gathered, the WHO said majority of those killed of three quarters are children three years old or younger.

The health experts said the outbreak this year is more deadly since the virus was first detected in 2008. The WHO said every year 10,000 to 15,000 cases of the virus had been detected in Vietnam where 20 to 30 children usually die annually. Health authorities in Vietnam are now exerting efforts to stop the virus especially that preschools and kindergartens are set to start soon in Vietnam.

According to reports, the virus is usually transmitted through sneezing, coughing and contact with fluid from blisters or infected feces. Furthermore, it was learned that although there is still no vaccine discovered to defeat the virus, health experts still consider the disease as mild since most of the inflicted children can recover from it quickly.