World Join US In Remembering 9/11 Anniversary

The rest of the world has joined the United States in commemorating the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center on Sunday to show their condolence and anger against terrorism. In Tokyo, the capital city of Japan gave honor to 23 of their countrymen who works as bank employees when the attack occurred last September 11, 2001. The victims failed to get out alive of their office at the World Trade Center when the terrorist attack transpired.

In Metro Manila, the capital city of the Philippines dozens of former shanty dwellers offered roses, balloons and prayers for another 9/11 victim, American citizen Marie Rose Abad.  The residents gave honor to Abad for building them decent houses in the area which is used to a garbage dump. It was learned that in 2004, Abad’s Filipino-American husband Rudy built 50 brightly colored homes, for the residents fulfilling his late wife’s wish to help impoverished Filipinos.The village has since been named after her.

Meanwhile, in Rome, Italy, Pope Benedict XVI, at an outdoor Mass in Ancona, Italy, prayed for victims and urged the world to resist what he called the
“temptation toward hatred” and instead work for solidarity, justice and peace. Some 150 people, most o f whom waving American flags, also turned out in Madrid for a commemorative planting of 10 American oak trees in Juan Carlos I park by crown Prince Felipe, his wife Princess Letizia, and other dignitaries.