Poverty Rate: One In Six Americans Now Living In Poverty

In 2010 there were a record number of people that were considered to being living in poverty. It hit its highest level since 1993 with forty-six million people in the United States living below the poverty level. It has risen for the third straight year to hit fifteen point one percent in 2010 and is the largest since the government began keeping records in 1959 and the highest among developed countries.

The government considers that the poverty line in the United States is twenty-two thousand, one hundred and thirteen dollars a year for a family of four including two of those members being children. Children under the age of eighteen are suffering from the highest poverty rate at twenty-two percent. This census data is also shown that there is a decline in how many people have employer-provided health benefits in the form of insurance with the uninsured just below the fifty million mark.

Although the recession officially ended in 2010 the jobless rate went from nine point three percent to nine point six percent. It all boils down to the fact that there is deterioration in the job market which is causing incomes to drop, the level of poverty to rise, and people are losing their health insurance and there appears to be no relief in sight.

The highest poverty rate can be seen in the southern regions of the United States with an increase in poverty rates for blacks, Hispanics, and non-Hispanic whites but not a significant difference for Asians. It breaks down to fifty-four percent poverty rate for Hispanics and Blacks together, twelve point one percent poverty rate for Asians, and nine point nine percent poverty rate for whites.