What’s New In Microsoft Windows 8?

Everyone that has bought a computer or laptop recently has just learned all the ins and outs of Windows 7 and now Microsoft is getting ready to introduce Windows 8 with many new and exciting features.

Picture log-ins

When you log-in to Windows 8 you will still used a password or a PIN but there will also be an extra feature that will let users have a photo to look at and make lines or dots on the photo as their log-in. If you take the face of the photo and where the mouth is drawn a line and dotting the eyes this will the same as making your pass word 1-2-3-4-).

New way to connect applications

Applications will be allowed to speak to each other without them knowing about each other and Microsoft is calling them “contracts.” What this means is that one application agrees that it wants to build in search into the application and the other application agrees it will be a search engine.

“Lucky” charms

The users of Microsoft Windows 8 will have access to a consistent set of options by just swiping their finger in front of the edge of the screen on the right side. Some of these options will include a settings menu, search, and options for sharing content by using various tools.

Connection to other Personal Computers that use Windows

Logging into Windows Live will let users transfer all of their settings easily from one PC to another.

Another feature is the antivirus software is built into the operating system.

While there is not as much fanfare as a new iPad or iPhone launch, Microsoft expects their Windows 8 sales to be robust over the long term.