Gold Phone To Persons Who Love Gadgets

People who love gadgets can finally get the mother of all mobile phones:  a cellular phone made of pure gold. That’s right, a phone made of an 18-carat gold is now on sale to those who have the money to buy it!

According to reports, the unique phone is manufactured and sold by Danish retailer Aesir at the cool price of $57,400 (36,341 pound). Aesir revealed there is really nothing special with the phone since it does not have extra applications like email, games, camera or GPS navigation. Despite this lack of sophistication, the phone is still cool since it is made of pure gold to bring smiles to those who will buy it.  It’s just too bad they came up with the idea while gold prices are at, or near, an all time high.

The manufacturer said the phone is perfect for those who have the money to spend, to look cool to their friends and family. So if you have the money why not buy this phone now, sure the American economy my be about to implode, you might as well spend your money before it’s worthless.  Be sure to factor in the cost of a full time bodyguard, as you might just get robbed while talking on the phone.  Before using the phone make sure you do it on a safe place to avoid being victimized by robbers if you use it in crowded or other public places.