US Admit Daring Kabul Attack Is Propaganda Win For Taliban

The United States Forces admitted the daring attack on the US embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan is a propaganda win for the terrorist group Taliban. The attack which lasted for 20 hours killed 27 people consisting of police, civilians and insurgents and shock the world since it happened on the highly militarized Kabul. Despite their admission, the US forces said the bold attack is a sign that their force is weakening in Kabul.

The attack lasted for 20 hours after the terrorists numbering to six positioned themselves from a nearby unfinished high-rise building where they fired rockets to the US embassy. To defeat the terrorist the US forces used attack helicopters to kill them and end the attack. It was learned that despite the attack, the transfer of security responsibilities from the U.S.-led military coalition to the Afghan security forces.

According to reports, foreign forces are to completely withdraw their combat troops by the end of 2014.  With the daring attack, US and Afghan forces vowed to put more security in the area to avoid a repeat of a similar incident in the future.