United States Building Drone Bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula

It has been announced that there will be drone bases built in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. These drone bases will be used in a campaign of counterterrorism operations against the al Qaeda members in Yemen and Somalia. There will be one base established in Ethiopia for unmanned aircraft with another base in Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Ethiopia was chosen because it is an American ally against the militant group that controls much of Somalia. Drones have been hosted by Seychelles since 2009 to track pirates in the regional waters. Establishing these bases is just another step in the Obama administration’s strategy to confront any terrorist threats.

This month in the islands a small group of “hunter-killer” drones began operations again. The operation resumed after it was demonstrated by a trial mission that the unmanned drones could patrol Somalia from the islands effectively;

The United States military has, from bases in Djibouti located near the Gulf of Eden, flown drones over Yemen and Somalia. An airstrip in the Arabian Peninsula is being built by the CIA to deploy droves over Yemen but its location is being kept secret.

At this time the White House has declined to comment on this report. It has previously been acknowledged by Seychelles and the United States officials that unmanned aircraft have also conducted counterterrorism missions over Somalia but the United States officials have asked the Seychelles to keep these missions a secret.

It has been known that the United States has used drones to carry out armed attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.