United States Delegation Walks Out of the U.N. General Assembly

On Thursday, Iran’s president attacked major West European nations and the United States and referred to them as “arrogant powers” who are eager for military adventurism and ruled by greed. The two diplomats from the United States who specializes in the Middle East walked out of the chamber and were followed by more than thirty other country’s diplomats including Australia, Somalia, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, twenty-seven European Union Members, Monaco, Macedonia, and San Marion. The speech was boycotted by Israel.

The president of Iran’s speech blamed the United States as they power behind the sanctions from the U.N. Security Council against Iran because they refused to halt uranium enrichment. This is a technology which can be used as a fuel for building nuclear weapons or electricity generation. He also attacked European colonial powers and the United States for abducting millions of Africans and making them into slaves, for dominating the U.N. Security Council and for their being ready to drop bombs on other countries.

He singled out the United States for supporting and imposing totalitarian regimes and military dictatorships in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. He has also accused the United States of threatening to put sanctions on anyone who questions the September 11th attacks and the Holocaust with military action and sanctions. He has accused some European countries not identified as still using the Holocaust as the reason to pay ransom or fine to the Zionists.