61 Year Old Pregnant Woman Expecting First Baby

Yes, you read it right.  A woman, who has requested that her name be kept secret, is sixty done years of age and expecting her first baby. She lives in Brazil and is married to a man who is thirty-eight years of age. She became pregnant with a donor egg. This has started some controversy in Brazil as just when it might be too late to have a baby.

This woman is telling the newspaper that she has gone through menopause but she wanted to be a mother and he wanted to be a father. She also says that she is in great health and has undergone a very thorough medical clearance. Apparently she is expecting a girl because she has stated that she did not plan to tell her about having to use a donor egg to get pregnant.

This is not the first in late-in-life pregnancies for Brazil because on September 9, 2011 a woman who was fifty-two years old became a mother for the first time with twins. Her husband was eighty-eight years old.

The health officials in Brazil are concerned about the late-in-life pregnancies and the harm and great strain it can put on some of these older mother’s bodies. Although there is no age limit for a woman being artificial inseminated, the doctors are not supposed to go ahead with the procedure if there are grave risks for the child or mother.