German Tourist Latest Casualty In Afghanistan

Afghanistan continue to be a dangerous place for residents, tourists and soldiers these days. A German tourist along with an Afghan civilian were both shot dead by two unidentified motorcycle riding gunmen in central Afghanistan, Saturday afternoon.  In the initial investigation conducted by Afghan authorities, the victim was riding a car along with three other Afghan civilians when they were stopped by the nameless suspects along Dawlat Yar district.

An argument then ensued between the victims and the suspects. The suspects  then proceeded to shot the four victims inside their vehicle. It was learned the victims were travelling from Herat province in the west towards Bamiyan province in the fatal shooting occurred.

Two of the victims survived the attack and are now currently being treated of their wounds at a local hospital. The suspects hurriedly escaped towards an unknown direction after the attack. Based on the latest data,  440 international troops have died in Afghanistan in 2011.

**Note to tourists:  You MAY just want to cross Afghanistan off your “Places to See Before I die” list for now, or at least put it at the bottom of your list…..