WWE Hell in the Cell Match Results

In a very controversial triple threat match for the WWE World Championship, the title changed hands and there is a new champion Alberto Del Rio. During the match when former champion John Cena had Alberto Del Rio in the STF, Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer Ricardo unlocked the steel cage and tried to enter to prevent John Cena from winning. John Cena broke the hold and went after Ricardo. Alberto Del Rio pushed John Cena out of the steel cage and locked the door behind him, preventing John Cena from getting back into the cage, ultimately sealing the fact that John Cena would lose the match. Alberto Del Rio pinned CM Punk for the victory.

In other matches Mark Henry, the world’s strongest man, retained his WWE Heavy Weight Championship belt when he beat Randy Orton. Randy Orton delivered his patented RKO on Mark Henry, who promptly kicked out at the count of one, which no one has ever done. When Randy Orton hits the RKO and covers his opponent for the pin they do not usually kick out. When Mark Henry kicked out, Randy Orton became desperate and decided to go for the punt to the head, which he has used to put many wrestlers out of commission for a while. When he went to do this, Mark Henry grabbed him and slammed him to the mat for a count of three.

Beth Phoenix won the Diva’s championship from Kelly Kelly and Shamus beat Christian. Another added match was Air Boom, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, defending the Tag Team Championship against Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Air Boom retained their titles.