The Simpsons Pay Dispute Could Kill Show

After being in our homes for twenty-three years the Simpson’s could find themselves on the endangered species list. The show’s producer on Tuesday said that they cannot continue the show with its current financial model. At this time there is a report that they seeking big pay cuts for the actors who do the voices of Marge, Homer, Bart, and other characters on The Simpsons. They are hoping that a deal can be reached.

Although the network is reporting that they are losing money each year on the new episodes the older episodes that are reruns are a cash cow. The producers are asking for a forty-five percent pay cut from the six voice actors. These actors make almost eight million dollars for just one season. The actors have made an offer of a thirty percent pay cut in return for a portion of the merchandise revenue and show’s syndication.

At this time, the show is averaging seven point one million viewers for the new episodes this fall which is down fourteen percent from last year. During the 1991-1992 seasons there was an average of twenty-one point seven million people watching The Simpsons. The average age of the viewers twenty years ago was twenty-three and now the average age is thirty-two and most of the viewers are male.