Alcolock: Do not Drink and Drive In Amsterdam

Effective December 1, 2011, if you are caught driving a car while being massively over the legal alcohol limit you will find yourself being forced to fit your car with a new device called and “alcolocks.” This unique device will automatically lock your car’s engine if you or anyone tries to drive your car and is over the legal alcohol limit.

Drivers who are convicted of driving drunk with a blood alcohol level over 1.3mg/dl will be ordered to install this alcolock on their car. This blood alcohol level is over six times the legal limit which is 0.2mg/dl. This device will require the driver to breathe into it to unlock the car’s engine. In addition, the driver will have to repeat the same process during the journey at regular intervals. This alcolock is like a tiny breathalyzer that will be fitted to the dashboard of the car. If it indicates a blood alcohol level that is above the legal limit the car will not start.

If the driver has to install an alcolock, it will be installed for 2 years with a possible 6 year extension if the driver continues to drink while driving. Worse case scenario the driver will have his license revoked and have to wait for 5 years before they can take a new test.

My personal opinion is that this is a great device and that the United States should get permission from the Dutch government to make these devices here and use them as Amsterdam is doing. It may cut down on some innocent lives being lost.