Dive Boat Company in Florida Left Scuba Divers Behind

Two scuba divers were left behind on Monday after taking a tour with thirty other people to go scuba diving in the open ocean. When they resurfaced they found that the boat had left them behind. They were rescued by a private yacht when the people on the yacht saw them clinging to a buoy in the shark infested ocean. The two scuba divers told reporters that it was around six o’clock in the evening and it was starting to get dark when they were spotted clinging to the fishing buoy.

The captain of the yacht said that they could see two divers with all the scuba equipment on plus an inflated red tube. The two scuba divers had been clinging to that fishing buoy for two hours just hoping that they would be rescued.

At this time the diving company who organizes these diving excursions, RJ Diving Ventures has not responded to any requests for comments or explanations as to how this unfortunate incident happened and the incident is now under investigation.

The Coast Guard had gotten a call about two scuba divers being picked up from the sea with no medical problems so they went back to port and let the yacht bring the two people into shore.