Latest Study Shows Better Diet Means Healthy Babies

Latest Study Shows Better Diet Means Healthy BabiesHere is something forall pregnant women around the world to consider.  A recent medical study has shown that those pregnant women who ate healthy diets during pregnancy have better chances of having healthy babies once they give birth. Suzab Carmichael, one of the researchers from Stanford University said to women who wants to ensure they have a healthy babies better eat variety of foods, including a lot of fruits, vegetables and grains in their diet.

Carmichael said taking vitamin supplement that contain frolic acid is also a good way of ensuring pregnant women will have a healthy babies. To the data, Carmichael and the other researchers studied data from the National Birth Defects Prevention Study to compare about 3,400 women who had a baby with a  neural tube defect or a cleft lip or palate and 6,100 women whose babies didn’t have a birth defect.

She said based on their study they discovered that those who have a healthy diet during pregnancy end up having healthy babies as well. Moreover, she said the result of their study is an indication to pregnant women to take good care and eat healthy foods to ensure their babies will be born healthy and without any birth defects.