Downfall of the U.S.? College Aid for Illegal Immigrants

Downfall of the U.S.? College Aid for Illegal ImmigrantsIn yet another sign the United States is quickly going down the tubes, California has joined New Mexico and Texas in allowing illegal immigrants access to state-funded financial aid. The bill was signed on Saturday by the Governor of California. It is referred to as the “California Dream Act.” It is referred to it as that because being able to go to college is a dream that promises students creative thinking and intellectual excitement. It also benefits by giving the top students the chance to not only improve their own lives but the lives of everyone else.

This was a campaign promise made by the Governor of California and was the second part of a bill in which the first part was allowing illegal immigrants the ability to receive privately-funded college scholarships. The federal “Dream Act” which would have created a way to get citizenship for these illegal immigrants who either chose to serve in the military or attended college did not pass in the Senate last year.

California is just one of several other states that will allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition but that is based on their attendance in high school and if they graduate from a state high school. With the signing of this bill illegal immigrants are now eligible for aid from California’s one hundred twelve community colleges, California State university system, and the University of California. They may even apply for CalGrants which are cash awards that is based on their academic performance.

In our pinion, this “Dream Act” is ludicrous.  Soon California, Texas, and New Mexico are going to be overrun(even more) by illegal immigrants just because they can settle in these states and get a “free” college education and not have to be a citizen of the United States.