Baltimore Walmart Closed Due To Bleach Fight

Baltimore Walmart Closed Due To Bleach FightA Baltimore Walmart was closed because of an emergency hazmat situation which was caused by two patrons who threw disinfectant and bleach at each other. At 10:48 a.m. on Saturday the county police in Baltimore were called and when they arrived they found two women inside the store fighting. The emergency hazmat situation was created because of the toxic fumes that were created by the disinfectant and bleach. The entire Walmart had to be evacuated.

Ten medics, fire units, hazardous materials units, and the EMS were dispatched to the store. There were nineteen people that received treatment which included three employees of Walmart. There was one person taken to the Wilmer Eye Institute located at Johns Hopkins Hospital to be treated.

The whole brawl was because of an ongoing dispute between a thirty-three year old woman and the victim because the victim’s boyfriend was the father of the thirty-three year olds child. The thirty-three year old woman turned herself into the police and is being change with theft under one hundred dollars, malicious destruction of property, second degree assault, and first degree assault. She is currently being held on a three hundred fifty thousand dollar bail. The thirty-three year old woman is the one that initiated the fight after she followed the victim into Walmart.

Walmart was closed for several hours so they could clean and ventilate the store.