A Unique way to Smuggle Drugs Into the United States

Border Patrol on the American SideDrug smugglers have found a unique new way to smuggle drugs into Arizona. In the border town of Nogales, Arizona, law enforcement has found the way that drugs are being brought into the United States for only twenty-five cents. In Nogales, a street hugs the border and on that street are parking meters that only cost twenty-five cents to park there. The drug smugglers in Mexico have tunneled not only under the fence but also under these parking meters. Once under the parking meters, they have cut out of the pavement in front of these particular parking meters a nice neat rectangle.

When a shipment of drugs was ready to come into the United States, the drug smugglers on the other side of the fence on the U.S. side would park their vehicles with the false bottoms in the spaces above these holes, and feed the meter. They would then wait in their car or walk around while the underground drug smugglers would stuff the car full of drugs from the tunnel below.

Once the exchange was done, the smugglers used jacks to put the pavement pieces back into place and the driver of the car would just drive away. Only the closest observers would notice the seams in the payment. When the United States border patrol found this operation there were sixteen tunnels that lead to eighteen parking spaces with meters. The payment there is now full of neat, symmetrical patches to prevent this from happing any longer.

The parking meters have been removed causing the border town of Nogales to lose approximately eight thousand five hundred dollars in parking revenue and the cost of citations.