Christopher Chaney Arrested By FBI in Hackerazzi Scheme

Christopher Chaney Arrested By FBI in Hackerazzi SchemeThe good times of a 35-year-old man tagged in the hacking of emails of 50 celebrities is now officially over. The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Christopher Chaney, of Jacksonville, Florida in a yearlong operation dubbed as ‘Operation Hackerazzi.’ The FBI launched ‘Operation Hackerazzi’ to investigate the mysterious hacking of the email of celebrities where some of their intimate pictures were stolen and illegally shown to the public.

The FBI revealed Chaney is behind the hacking of the email of some of the top celebrities today including the nude photos of superstar act ress Scarlett Johansson. Other celebrities reportedly victimized by Chaney were Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis and Renee Olstead. Authorities already charged Chaney with 26 counts of identity theft, unauthorized access to a protected computer and wiretapping.

If found guilty to his pending crime, Chaney could end up in jail for 121 years. Investigators hoped the arrest of Chaney would put an end to the hacking of emails of celebrities. The investigators also aspire the arrest of Chaney could make the public be more aware to properly secure their email to ensure that they will not be victimized by hackers.


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