Pricey Marbles

Pricey MarblesMost of the baby boomers remember the thrill of playing in the dirt with marbles and having a “cat’s eye” marble made you the king of the playground. Today, there are still marbles around although they are not a sought after play toy but there are collectors that will pay good money for that special one. It may be hard to believe that the one that made you the king of the playground is not one of the marbles that collectors are looking for. Here are the priciest ones that marble collectors are looking for.

  • Sulphide Marbles–the biggest reason that collectors seek this marble is that it is a rare variety. These marbles contain tiny little porcelain figures that depict animals, famous buildings, mythological characters and more. Most are white but occasionally you will find a colored one. They can bring around a thousand dollars. One from 1900 brought four thousand five hundred dollars with a bust of Theodore Roosevelt.
  • German Swirls–these are glass marbles with a swirled pattern that is suspended in the center and were handmade from around 1859 to 1930 or so from Germany. The bigger they are the more they are worth. For a large one in mint condition they can bring several thousand dollars, and even the ones that are 5/8 inches can bring ten to twenty dollars.
  • China Marbles–these marbles are made from ceramic but the most sought after of these are the scenic china marbles which have a pastoral scene around the equator of the marble with a pinwheel patter at either end of the marble. Since only a few have survived, they can bring as much as ten thousand dollars.