Internet TV Becoming VeryPopular In US and Europe

Internet TV Becoming VeryPopular In US and EuropeThe business of internet television is becoming widely popular in the Unite d States and Europe. A latest study conducted has shown that more than 42 million homes in both US and Europe are watching TV through the internet. Market intelligence firm Strategy Analytics said the latest data has shown that Americans and Europeans find it easy to watch TV on the internet.

David Mercer, principal analyst at Strategy Analytics and the report’s author, explained the result of the research is an indication that television viewers are prepared to go to significant lengths to watch their preferred television shows or movies on the big screen. Mercer said they conducted their research in July 2011 with a sample size of 4800 respondents aged 15-74 years old living in the US and Europe. He said more and more people in the US and Europe will watch internet TV in the future.