iZon Wireless Camera: Remote Surveillance Camera on Your iPhone

iZon Wireless Camera: Remote Surveillance Camera on Your iPhoneThe iZon, by Stem Innovation is taking the internet by storm today.  We’d never heard of it before, but were Android people.  But after seeing iZon in the top Google searches of the day, we looked into it. And we like it!

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The iZon is a very cool (and USEFUL) app based wireless video camera.  Now you can watch whats happening in your home or office no matter where you are in the world. How cool is that?  Of course, to use it anywhere in the world you’ll need an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch (iPod Touch).

Stem Innovation calls it the iZon Remote Room Monitor.  To use the iZon, you need to download the FREE STEM:Connect App.  It’s easy to set up and configure with step by step instructions.  The best part is you can configure it to alert you when it senses motion or sound.   You can also upload directly to YouTube.

An in case you’re worried about streaming sensitive home footage (wink, wink) the iZon video streaming is encrypted, so those prying eyes (hopefully) don’t get into your home.

Besides it’s total usefulness, the main reason the iZon is such a hot product today:  a elderly woman actually used the iZon to catch her neighbor breaking into her condo to steal her prescription drugs.   With the help of the video the perp was arrested.  Check out the news story: