UPDATE: 3 Wild Animals Remain On Loose in Ohio

UPDATE: 3 Wild Animals Remain On Loose in OhioAt this time there are still three animals on the loose; there is a mountain lion, a grizzly bear, and a monkey. The animal body count stands at forty-nine, which include seventeen lions, eighteen rare Bengal tigers, two grizzly bears, six black bears, three mountain lions, a wolf, and a baboon. There were six animals that could be captured and taken to the Columbus zoo. These animals were a grizzly bear, two monkeys, and three leopards. One big cat that got away was hit on the highway by a car and one of the lions ate a monkey.

The animals had to be killed at with the deputy’s side arms at close range. One veterinarian shot a tiger fifteen yards away with a tranquilizer and it went crazy and started to run so they had no choice but to kill it. Because it was getting dark when they arrived at the preserve, the officers had no choice but to kill the animals. If they had attempted to use tranquillizers the animals could have fallen asleep in the dark, and awakened before they were found to be captured alive.

It is also reported that the owner of the animal preserve, Terry Thompson, was not killed by the animals and that someone else did not free the animals. Apparently, the owner opened the cages and then killed himself. The gates and some of the pins of the preserve were opened. The owner was arrested in 2005 for the torture and cruelty of bison and cattle that he had on his property.