Eating Junk Foods Could Damage Sperm

Eating Junk Foods Could Damage SpermIf you happen to be male, want to start a family, and love junk foods, you better start avoiding those nasty fatty meals and snacks. This after a recent medical study has shown that eating too much junk foods could damage the sperm cells of young men. The data was taken from the study conducted by Harvard and the University of Murcia in Spain from hundreds of men ages 18-22.

The researchers said on their study they discovered that those who love to eat high-fat foods like cookies, cakes, chocolate, chips and fried and processed foods had poorer-quality sperm than those who followed a healthy diet. The group said they also found out that men who consume whole grains, vegetables and fish produced the best-quality sperm. Data from the internet has shown that foods that have been shown to boost men’s fertility include eggs, salmon, natural yogurt, nuts, seeds, berries, sweet potatoes, broccoli and asparagus.