Two Young Boys Found Locked in Kennel In Nebraska Home

Two Young Boys Found Locked in Kennel In Nebraska Home
Just one of the Retarded Parents Arrested
On Monday October 24, 2011, two young boys were found in a locked animal cage in a home in Nebraska. The house was littered with animal urine and feces. The boys, ages three and five, were discovered by North Platte police officers when they answered the call to check on the welfare of children in a mobile home. There were four children in the home. The other children were eight years old and eight months old.

Four adults were arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree false imprisonment, two counts of felony child abuse, and misdemeanor child abuse. All of the children were put in protective custody. The kennel where the two boys were kept in was secured with a wire tie. They slept inside on a mattress.

The boy’s mother, who is twenty-two years old, told the authorities that they were put into the kennel so they could not crawl out of the windows of the mobile home. The other two children’s parents were two of the people arrested. The mother was twenty-four years of age and the father was twenty-five years of age. There was also another twenty year old female arrested.

Author’s Opinion: They should all go to jail but instead of being put into a jail cell, they should have to spend time locked in a kennel just like the children did. No matter what a child does, they do not deserve to be treated like an animal and locked in a kennel.