6 High Demand Gadgets for Christmas

high demand gadgets for ChristmasHalloween is not yet over but already the television ads, newspaper ads, and online ads are pushing Christmas and all the great new gifts that everyone on your shopping list wants. Here are some of the top gadgets that will be offered this holiday season.

1. iPad 2—this is the king of tablets and this iPad will be something that everyone will want to have. It will be slimmer with iOS5 and iCloud access with prices starting at under five hundred dollars.

2. Kindle Fire—this is the more affordable alternative to the expensive iPad2. It has a multi-touch, full color seven inch screen. The price is under two hundred dollars.

3. Barnes & Noble Nook Touch Reader—e-book readers are one of the season’s must-have gifts and this one has a compact design with a high resolution touch screen for around two hundred fifty dollars.

4. iPhone 4S—this is Apple’s most successful phone launch so far and the price is between two and four hundred dollars.

5. Samsung Galaxy Nexus—this will be the first member of Android’s smartphone to run on the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 system. It will have a four point six five inch HD Super AMOLED display. The price for this phone in the U.S. has not been stated.

6. Roku 2 XS—this is a box media center with entry level setup at sixty dollars. It works with your television to stream content from online media libraries. The remote will also be able to double as a Wii-like motion controller.