Scandal Rocks New York Police Officers Again

Scandal Rocks New York Police Officers AgainFor the second time in a week, the policemen of New York have been hit by another scandal. This scandal involves sixteen New York Police officers who have pleaded not guilt to fixing traffic tickets in addition to more serious crimes. This undercover probe has been going on for almost three years and also involves five civilians. This probe involved wire tapping more than ten thousand phone calls. As a result, there were indictments that contained more than one thousand six hundred felony and misdemeanor counts.

Most of the charges were for minor crimes of tampering with traffic tickets to help family and friends. Unfortunately this was the second time in a week that the ugly side of the New York Police officers were exposed with the first being the gun-running scandal but it is unrelated to this case.

The initial probe was an undercover operation against a uniformed officer who was accused of using two barbershops he owns as the place of sale for large amounts of marijuana. The barbershops were managed by an alleged drug dealer who used the officer’s car and phone for the deals. The officer is accused of transporting what the officer thought was heroin and attempted robbery.

During this inquiry the investigators came across this latest scandal of officers using their authority to make parking and traffic tickets go away. There will be criminal charges brought against the ones who are alleged to be serious repeat offenders.