Afghan Bombing Kills Thirteen American Soldiers

Afghan Bombing Kills Thirteen American SoldiersOn Saturday, October 29th thirteen American soldiers and four Afghans were killed with a Taliban suicide bomber rammed their van into an armored NATO bus in Kabul. This was the deadliest single attack on coalition forces in more than eight weeks. The last one was on August 6th when the NATO helicopter was shot down killing thirty American soldiers, most who were elite Navy Seals. The explosion happened as the convoy was passing the American University. It sparked a fireball, littering the street with shrapnel.

The armored personal carried was between a convoy of mine-resistant military vehicles. They were traveling on a four lane highway that was used by NATO forces quite frequently. It was in the southwest section of the city. The Afghans who were killed were a policeman and three civilians. There were eight Afghan citizens injured, including two children.

The Taliban are claiming responsibility for the Kabul attack. They are also claiming responsibility for another suicide bombing, which took place outside a government intelligence office. This latest attack that happened near the American University was also near the Darulaman Palace, a landmark of the bombed-out seat of the former Afghan kings.