Another Major Drug Bust in Arizona

Another Major Drug Bust in ArizonaIn Arizona, law enforcement officers have seized thousands of pounds of narcotics. In addition, seventy suspected drug smugglers who have apparent ties to a violent Mexican drug cartel have been arrested. Over the past seventeen months, the operation has also included three raids that were conducted by the federal, local, and state officials jointly. The operation has let to the arrests of American and Mexican nationals who are working with a notorious drug cartel that is based in Sinaloa, a state of Mexico.

In this latest raid, the authorities confiscated money, weapons, bullet-proof vests, ammunition, and drugs. They have cracked a network of sophisticated international drug smuggling. It is one of the biggest such operations conducted in the southwestern part of the United States. The drugs that were smuggled into Arizona from Mexico came by plane, on foot, through tunnels, and by car. Linked to the cartel, it was a billion dollar drug trade organizations.

This particular cartel has their headquarters in the northwestern state of Sinaloa. Sinaloa is located on the coast of the Pacific. This area is home to big opium poppy and marijuana plantations. Since the 1960’s this part has been considered the cradle of narcotics trafficking in Mexico. This cartel is thought to have handled sixty-five percent of all the illegal drugs brought into the United States.

Some of the people arrested are key players in the drug smuggling operation and the law enforcement officers are still looking for many people that have connections to the operation.