Parents Lose Child Over Sandwich Arrest

Parents Lose Child Over Sandwich ArrestA woman, who was thirty weeks pregnant, her husband, and two year old daughter walked to the store to do their grocery shopping. The mother began to feel faint and picked up a couple of chicken sandwiches and ate them while they shopped. When she checked out she forgot about the sandwiches. She and her husband were arrested and child welfare was called.

The family had moved to Honolulu from California two weeks ago and they had ventured out to stock up on groceries. The woman is a former Air Force staff sergeant. The sandwiches cost five dollars and she had saved the wrapper to be scanned at checkout. They were stopped by a security guard and taken upstairs at the store. They intended to pay for the sandwiches, and figured they would be let go. They were not allowed to pay for the sandwiches and were charged with shoplifting.

It took four hours for the police to arrive and arrest them. They were handcuffed, driven to police headquarters, and searched. They then had their mug shots taken and released on fifty dollar bonds. The store has banned them for a year but they were allowed to pick up the groceries they had paid for. Their daughter was taken away for eighteen hours. They have a court date the end of November.