Epic Storm Heading for Alaska

Epic Storm Heading for AlaskaOn Tuesday, November 8th an epic storm was heading straight for western Alaska. There was a warning put out by the National Weather Service that it could be the worse storm on record for Alaska. It storm is coming from the Aleutian Islands and is moving inward. With this storm, it is expected to bring several different wind anomalies, such as wind gust up to one hundred miles per hour and hurricane-force winds, widespread flooding along the coast, heavy snowfall, and to most of the west coast of Alaska, severe erosion.

They are saying that this storm is life threatening and extremely dangerous and will be of an epic magnitude that most people rarely experience. The rest of Seward Peninsula, which is a piece of land that juts out and points to Siberia, and Nome are the areas that is expected to be the hardest hit. It is common at this time of the year to have powerful storms in the Bering Sea and the North Pacific but because of the trajectory of this storm, this storm in unusual because it is going very far north.

On Tuesday, an evacuation order was given to the people in Nome who live on a beachside avenue called Front Street. This area is where the finish line is for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Other low lying areas in the town were also given an evacuation order.

One thing that is making this storm so bad is the lack of ice off Alaska in the northwestern part. The ice would help subdue the storm surge but since there is very little ice, the storm surges could be six to nine feet tall.