Women Charged with Buying and Selling Baby

Women Charged with Buying and Selling BabyIn Abilene, Texas, two women are being charged with trying to buy and sell a seven week old baby. A woman from West Texas is accused of buying the infant for two thousand dollars from the baby’s mother. The money was to be paid in installments. The seller, Joana Delacruz Huerta, age twenty-nine and the buyer, Marilu Munoz, age twenty-seven were charged on Thursday with the purchase or sale if an infant. This charge is a third degree felony according to the police.

An anonymous tip on Thursday morning alerted the police about the alleged sale. Some of the scheduled installment payments had already happened. When the baby’s mother was confronted she admitted she had been pregnant. She then told the police officers where she thought her baby might be found which was at an Abilene residence. The baby was unharmed. The police, at this time, do not know how the two women initially crossed paths or who the biological father is.

The husband of Marilu Munoz is an illegal immigrant and was placed on an immigration hold at the jail. At this time the infant was taken by Child Protective Services and placed in a loving foster home. Child Protective Services figure they will be going to court in the next few weeks so the judge can determine temporary custody.

The investigation is on-going and additional charges may be filed.