Teen Arrested for Rape at Ohio McDonald’s Playland

Teen Arrested for Rape at Ohio McDonald's PlaylandOn Friday, a thirteen year old teen was arrested for the rape of a five year old girl. The rape allegedly took place at a McDonald’s Playland in southern Ohio. This alleged assault happened on October 29th near Cincinnati in Anderson Township. The five year old girl was at the restaurant with her grandmother and was playing in the Playland area.

After the police investigated the incident they released a photo of the suspect from the camera at the McDonald’s restaurant to the news. The following day the boy and his parents came to the police department to be interviewed and at that time he was taken into custody. It is not known at this time if the teenager will be tried as an adult. The decision will be made by a judge in juvenile court.

The owner of the McDonald’s restaurant where the alleged attack took place said that he was upset about the situation and that he is taking this matter very seriously. He also stated that he is cooperating with all the authorities in the investigation. The teenager is in the Hamilton Juvenile Detention Center awaiting arraignment.

Author’s Opinion: This seems extremely far fetched because anyone that has been to a McDonald’s restaurant with a Playland knows that it would be kind of hard to have this happen because there always seems to be children playing in the area. And shame on the grandmother for not keeping an eye on her five year old granddaughter. A child that young should not be allowed to play unsupervised.