Texas Lakes Expose Graves and Ghost Towns

Texas Lakes Expose Graves and Ghost TownsDue to the drought that has plagued Texas this year lakes are drying up and revealing a look into the past. They are finding ancient tools, an old skull, fossils, and even the final resting place of slaves that were free. At the drought stricken Lake Buchanan the tiny town of Bluffton was covered over with water fifty-five years ago, and is now exposing its secrets. In one good way the drought has given historians a chance to document and see these finds. Unfortunately there is a downside to these artifacts surfacing from these lakes.

That downside is looters scavenging for pieces of history that they can sell for high dollars either on the black market or to collectors. So far there have been more than twenty-four looters arrested at just one site. Most of the residents in the state had no idea what was buried under those lakes.

Texas has completed the driest twelve months ever, averaging eight point five inches of rain through September. That is almost thirteen inches below what is normal. Most of lakes in the area are manmade and have went down by more than twelve feet in several instances.

At Falcon Lake, a hundred year old church has emerged. At the site of Old Bluffton, which has been exposed once in a while during drought times, you can now see the concrete foundation of a hotel that was two stories, old scales from a cotton gin, and the concrete foundation from a Texaco station/general store. There are also some burial sites.